Gain Muscle Mass: The Ultimate Workout Program

Have you hit a muscle gain plateau, can’t seem to grow muscle or are just starting on your muscle-building journey? The Sport Dietitian can transform your life. Gain muscle mass with our customised workout program. Don’t waste your money and time on training regimes that aren't going to get you the results you want.

  • Lift more weight
  • Hack your diet
  • Discover better technique
  • Uncover the best muscle-building exercises for you
  • Build muscle size!
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Muscle Gain Success Stories

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What’s Different About Our Muscle Gain Workout Program?

Do you dream of a muscle-toned physique but just can’t pack on the size? You’re not alone. For all but a select few, building muscle is very challenging. It requires an intense amount of energy from the body and creates huge demands both mentally and physically. Simply hitting the gym a few times a week isn’t going to get you the results you’re after. You need to be working on hitting every factor in powerful muscle development.

Phase 1: Getting Started


We’ll take the time to understand your mindset, your lifestyle and your drives to set you on the right path.


No matter what equipment you have access to, we’ll devise a muscle-building program that works.


Comfortably fit your muscle-gain program around your work commitments and personal life.

Phase 2: Planning 

Diet Plans

Science-based diet and nutritional plans designed around your unique requirements to support fast muscle building.

Workout Plans

Expertly-built workout schedules that maximise a range of exercises for unbeatable muscle growth.

Phase 3: The Road to Success 


We’ll see how you’re progressing and how we can maximise current muscle gains.


We’ll keep you motivated and focused, driving you to muscle-building success.


Struggling with your muscle-building program? Your coach is always on hand to help.


Our adaptive muscle-building program is flexible and can change with your lifestyle.

Why Invest in This Muscle Mass Building Program?

Cautious about signing up to a muscle-building program? It’s understandable. There are plenty out there, all promising results. What makes this one different? When you work with The Sport Dietitian, you work directly with your new personal fitness and nutritionist coach, Alex Neilan.

Alex is a highly-qualified health and fitness professional. His accreditations include:

  • An International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition
  • An Honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Level 4 Grade Strength and Conditioning Certification
  • A Masters Degree in Health and Nutrition
  • Certification in Sports Supplementation

Alex doesn’t just know the fitness lifestyle; he lives it every day. He's an industry-leading expert in muscle building, contributing to publications including Men’s Running and the Sports Nutrition Handbook. He’s also involved in the MMA academy SBG D24. His muscle mass building program has provided clients with exceptional results. Check out our testimonials page to see what they’ve achieved, and what you can achieve as well.

Ready to build muscle mass and create the kind of physique most only ever dream of?

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