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January Madness! Setting Fitness Goals for 2019

Happy New year and a Happy January, it’s Alex the Sport Dietitian here. Thank you very much for tuning in, its an absolute pleasure. Today we are going to talk about January and new years resolutions and plans for the New Year moving forward.
So in terms of goal setting, the number one tip I can give you please don’t try and build Rome in a day.
Ok. Try and pick just a couple of goals that are really important to you, that you feel will have the biggest impact on you for that year. Rather than snowing yourself under with lots of things to do and achieving none of them. Pick a few things and write them down, ok in terms of writing them down get one of these boys, pen gone and everything. So I have one over my bed as well and I have one here in the office. And I constantly write, reevaluate, reflect and I see them goals each and every day. Keep it in plain sight and tell people about your goals, make yourself accountable.

The second thing I want to talk to you about today is the madness of January in a gym. So I hear lots of people hating on all these January newbies and people coming in to try and get rid of the Christmas weight and they will all be gone by February is what I keep hearing.
Please stop hating on them ok, I try and look back to when I was overweight myself and it’s scary going into a gym and its also very common that you don’t last. It’s intimating, for example, the free weights area can be a scary place for someone who hasn’t got a lot of experience in weight training. So try and bear in mind that we all started somewhere, we have all been there before and encourage rather than slate. Try and say ‘fair play’ to them they’re giving it a go, ‘fair play their trying’. Try to make it less scary by giving them a smile saying ‘hello’ and just realizing that everyone is in there for a good reason and they are trying to improve their health, live a little bit longer or feel a little bit happier in their skin.

In summary in terms of goals keep them brief and write them down.
In terms of the January madness embrace it and welcome someone who may need a smile or a little bit of comforting in a very intimating and sometimes scary environment.
Cheers guys

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