The Sport Dietitian

Why The Weight Loss is Sustainable


“I've lost two stones!!, Oh my God, what does that look like in clothes? That's two dress sizes. but it's more than that. I'm 50 this year and. I feel 40 again, that's how this has impacted me. “


“Don't be scared. Just go for it. If you put in the work and you're committed, it will work for you because all that, you've ,have all the tools to do it.”

louise before and after

“He helped me with an exercise plan combined with a nutritional plan and a big part of what Alex offers is the behavioral change.”

laura 1 before and after

“I've done it! I am over the moon with the results. 8.1kg down in total and I've lost 37.8cm all over. Not to mention how amazing I feel physically and mentally! “

barbara before and after

“Before working with Alex I had tried all the fad diet and I was just starving all the time. It just wasn't sustainable in any form. But that’s all changed now.”

debra before and after

“Tried different fad diets but all failed because they’re not sustainable. But with Alex I've even managed to lose weight when I've been away for weekends“


"I lost over 5 stone and My IBS symptoms were gone within two weeks. My blood pressure has gone from high to now, a normal level and my eating habits have completely changed"

Gill's before and after

"I havd no body confidence and was really self conscious when I went out anywhere or was buying clothes but that one phone call with Alex changed my life"

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