The Sport Dietitian

Why The Weight Loss is Sustainable

Alan New 1

"If you want to get back into really good shape, um, and lose weight and just look really good, I would recommend that you phone or email Alex and arrange an appointment."

Stuie new

"After I've done this initial eight weeks, I'll be contacting Alex and hiring again and again."

Warren 1

"He's also given me the discipline and that's piloting your skills like, you know, so actually be more of a life coach to me, not just the pt, who's taught me about food."

callum 1

"I felt like I was on fire. I feel like I'm on fire at work every day after having a proper breakfast. And I can't wait to get away from my desk to go to the gym every lunchtime, whereas before it was a hard slog, even getting through the door."

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