The Sustainable Change Programme

Forget about one-time fad diets and weight loss programmes that shed the pounds only for them to come straight back! Don’t get caught in the same old vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

At The Sport Dietitian, we offer a customised, sustainable weight loss programme that doesn’t just change your body but changes your mindset, lifestyle and most importantly, your health.

- Work with an experienced dietitian and personal trainer for guaranteed results

- Adapt your workouts and diets to fit with your preferences and personal goals

- Do it all remotely, working around your schedule!

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“I've lost two stones!!, Oh my God, what does that look like in clothes? That's two dress sizes. but it's more than that. I'm 50 this year and. I feel 40 again, that's how this has impacted me. “

What Does Sustainable Weight Loss Mean to the Sport Dietitian?

Weight loss can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle, not just for our physical health, but our mental health, too. We don’t just want to feel good; we want to look good. There’s no shame in it! Weight loss has proven to increase confidence and reduce depression.

Whether you are looking for physical health benefits, boosts to self-esteem and confidence, or both, the result is the same: you want to lose weight and burn off that excess fat.

The problem with today’s society is we’re all about instant gratification. We want it all and we want it all right now. Many diet systems offer this. They provide extreme solutions to weight loss that have weight melt away. The problem is, the body and brain aren't conditioned to this behaviour. You can handle it short term, but eventually, your natural patterns will take over and you’ll go back to the weight you originally were — or even gain more. Why? Because you can’t live like that. You just feel terrible. It’s a very unhealthy practice that can actually cause nasty health complications.

What we want instead is sustainable weight loss. We don’t just want to work out hard and eat less for a few weeks. We want to develop a comfortable set of behaviours that promote long-term health benefits. Do this, and you don’t have to crash diet. The best kind of diet is not a change in the volume of what you eat, but what you eat in general.

We don’t want a conventional diet. We want a lifestyle change. That’s what we offer at The Sport Dietitian: a sustainable weight loss programme built around you. It’s not just about transforming your physique — it’s about changing the way you think about your body and your health.

How Do We Create a Sustainable Weight Loss Programme That Works for You?

At The Sport Dietitian, we take a multi-layered approach to sustainable weight loss. We hit a variety of different factors that influence your results, and design a programme around you as an individual to achieve something incredible.


The secret to sustainable weight loss is retraining your brain to live a healthy lifestyle. We’ll work closely to change your mindset.


With the support being provided by a dietitian you can rest assured that what your doing is 100% evidence based. No gimmicks just the freedom to not have to think about this any more. We take the guess-work out of your weight loss programme. 


Weight loss doesn't work if you don’t turn up every day. You're not alone - we’re here to motivate you and keep you on track.


Stay accountable for your performance with fitness tracking and consultations. This is your programme and together we will succeed.


You aren't in this alone. Your personal dietitian and trainer is available to offer support and guidance through difficult times.


Weight loss doesn’t have to be horrible. We’ll work with your preferences to design a programme you love and want to be a part of.


Don’t get swept up in unrealistic targets that demoralise you. We’ll set achievable goals that keep you driven and on track.


Life changes. Circumstances arise we weren’t expecting. We’ll work together to make sure your fitness goals don’t suffer.

Why Do We Do All This? Because Our Sustainable Weight Loss Programme Gets Results!

Even a sustainable weight loss programme is about results. We’ll check-in, update your programme when necessary and adapt to push you to see amazing results. Your health is our priority and always will be.

Why Choose The Sport Dietitian for Your Sustainable Weight Loss Plan?

Here are a few facts about your dietitian and coach, Alex Neilan.

  • Alex has been featured in publications including Sports Nutrition Handbook, Men’s Running and the Huffington Post.
  • Your coach is qualified in sports nutrition and exercise science.
  • He is qualified in behavioural modification and mindset reprogramming.

With over 18 years worth of experience in nutrition and dietetics (the study of dieting and health) Alex is an industry-leading expert. Over his career, he’s helped hundreds of clients achieve their weight loss goals in a sustainable way. Discover more on our testimonials page.

Get the results you want, and make sure you keep the weight off.

Want to find out more about exactly how The Sport Dietitian can help you achieve sustainable weight loss? Get in touch with Alex today.

Put yourself first for a change, do something for YOU!!!

Alex Neilan

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