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My new app allows you to have your tailored nutrition and training programme and easy to follow recipes all in the one place. My app can also be integrated with your MyFitnessPal and Fitbit and gives you daily motivation and the ability to track and graph your progress. As long as you keep me updated on what’s working and what’s not, I can guarantee you results. No tailored plan is set in stone, your training and nutrition plan can change as your life and priorities do.

  • 1.

    Your tailored nutrition and training programme all in one place (no digging through emails)

  • 2.

    Full video and audio description, plus tuition on how to perform each exercise correctly and safely

  • 3.

    Simple progress tracking to monitor your weight, measurements, PBs and progress pictures, with clear visual graphs

  • 4.

    The ability to plug in your FitBit and MyFitnessPal to make activity and food tracking even easier

  • 5.

    The ability to track your performance by tracking the sets, reps and weights you have lifted

  • 6.

    Better monitoring leads to greater awareness, greater awareness encourages better choices and better choices lead to better results

*Please note that my app is only accessible for clients on the Gold and Platinum programmes.

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“The App allows me to keep everything in the one place rather than digging into my emails. It also keeps me honest and I love the detailed videos that explain everything so well”

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