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Does intermittent fasting work?

Does intermittent fasting work? What is intermittent fasting?  Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between ...
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5 simple tips to reduce your risk of a running injury

By Alastair Dall Running is a great way of getting fit and losing weight.  It also reduces your risk ...
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Elaine’s Experience of The Sport Dietitian

Elaine Comer tells all about her experience with The Sport Dietitian & how we helped her achieve her ...
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January Madness! Setting Fitness Goals for 2019

Happy New year and a Happy January, it's Alex the Sport Dietitian here. Thank you very much for ...
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Make A Wish – Exercise Library

Last summer we put together an exercise library up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. These exercise videos are a ...
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Eating disorders – The warning signs and how to recover

Learn the warning signs of an eating disorder and how positive affirmations can help you recover. Get support ...
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