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Our mission is help one million people achieve sustainable health and happiness.

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Deborah Hunt

I was so deeply unhappy because of my weight. I didn't think this would work for me, but the best decision ever, I jumped in. I have never been successful in my weight loss. I have never felt healthier or fitter than I do now. "

Lorna Gant

" I am becoming the best version of me - the one I knew I really had if only I listened to my inner self & not the people around me. I’ve transformed my life around - I feel fitter & healthier than I have in all my adult life. "


“For those who think they can’t do it because you’re too far away from your goal, it’s really possible! “
(NB. Since this video recorded she has now lost over 8 stone!)

N.B. - 1 year and 2 months and still sustaining the weight loss, confirmed by Mandy on the 1st of April 2022

Maria Pombo

"I've lost 6 Stone, my resting heart rate has dropped from 80 to 59 and after all of these years I can finally walk properly again. Most importantly I feel this is genuinely sustainable"

N.B. - 1 year and 5 months and still sustaining the weight loss, confirmed by Maria on the 30th March 2022


“I overcame the menopause, an under-active thyroid and dropped two dress sizes!!”

N.B. - 1 year and 3 months and still sustaining the weight loss, confirmed by Michelle on the 25th March 2022


“I’ve been feeling the changes in my mind, body, heart and soul week on week - I’ve been relishing how different my clothes feel, loving the ones that are now just that bit too baggy and the ones that are fitting me better - I’ve loved dancing with the vitality, the energy and motivation I have, but these comparison photographs have really made the changes land.”

N.B. - 1 year and 5 months and still sustaining the weight loss, confirmed by Clare on the 27th January 2022


“ My blood pressure is now in the normal range!”

debbie before and after

“It was the same old roller coaster - lose a bit, gain some more, this was going on for some time… I had no energy … But THIS is different, the whole concept of a lifestyle change, the support and the accountability are the big things for me. The ultimate changes that benefit me and grandchildren - I can now play with my grand kids, go to the beach and YEAH I could actually wear a bathing suit and go in the water and swim with them!!!”

sam smith

"Good nutrition, good water intake, good sleep, positive mindset, step count over 10k everyday and all training complete. Couldn’t do it without you TSD team Thankyou!!"


“This program has given me the confidence to try and be unapologetically myself.....and I'm getting better every day. I am so fucking proud of myself right now and in the past there is NO WAY I would have said that”

N.B. - 1 year and 6 months later and still sustaining the weight loss confirmed by Mish on the 8th of February

Sharon before and after

“Every day I am becoming fitter and stronger in my mind, body and soul”


“The biggest health change is my resting heart rate which has come down from 72bpm to 59bpm.”

transformation photos 1 (1)

"I don't even feel like I've got Gill back from my twenties. I'm far better than I was in my twenties. I've got a new version of myself"

N.B Since this video was shot, Gill has done so well that she has now become a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Behaviour Change Coach, and currently specialises in helping women who are going through similar struggles as she did. We've even invited her to join the team, so that will be a familiar face for you. 2 years and 1 month and still sustaining the weight loss confirmed by Gill on the 27th March 2022

“I am so amazed at how my body shape has changed and the way in how I’m feeling so much stronger and wow how my mindset has changed.”

Tsitsi gallery

“I have not changed shape or gained weight since finishing this programme 8 months ago, without this programme I would have been back to a size 14 in no time. So thank you to Alex and team and to everyone in the inner circle. Here is me in my size 10 dress.“

N.B - 2 years and 1 month and still sustaining the weight loss confirmed by Tsitsi on the 1st April 2022


“I have found ways to see me as important and that I deserve to be invested in, creating myself some time, activities and things just for me.”

judith before and after

"I lost over 5 stone and My IBS symptoms were gone within two weeks. My blood pressure has gone from high to now, a normal level and my eating habits have completely changed"


“You wouldn’t have so many positive reviews, the community on Facebook, a team of such magnitude if it was all just a scam”

N.B. - 1 year and 8 months and still sustaining the weight loss confirmed by Helen on the 1st April 2022

laura 1 before and after

“I've done it! I am over the moon with the results. 8.1kg down in total and I've lost 37.8cm all over. Not to mention how amazing I feel physically and mentally! “

debra before and after

“Tried different fad diets but all failed because they’re not sustainable. But with Alex I've even managed to lose weight when I've been away for weekends“

amanda before and after

244 5 Star Google Reviews

How to Become The Next Success Story

Courage and honesty...that's it. 
The courage to drop me a text with the button below and tell me how much weight you need to lose.
We often downplay how much our weight actually bothers us. We trivialise the problem or say things like “I’ve lost the weight before” or “there’s people out there much heavier than me” this encourages us to delay fixing it, so we stay stuck. 
Time is the one thing none of us can get back. I want you to have it all...healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol, a healthy BMI, body confidence, self-esteem and  the energy to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. I want you to have the freedom to wear what you want. I want you to have some joy back in your life.
Right now i’d like you think of your THREE WHY’S, the three reason as to why this is a priority to you now. Common examples are health, being able to get undressed in front of ours partners, being a role model for our kids, getting back to our vibrants selves or even simply being able to go out and do things that we want to do. Or doing something for ourselves for a change.
Drop me a text right now with YOUR THREE WHY’S, let’s build on the momentum you have right now to change this.
SUSTAINABLE weight loss is actually doable.


Registered Dietitian and Behaviour Change Coach
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