“I’ve been feeling the changes in my mind, body, heart and soul week on week - I’ve been relishing how different my clothes feel, loving the ones that are now just that bit too baggy and the ones that are fitting me better - I’ve loved dancing with the vitality, the energy and motivation I have, but these comparison photographs have really made the changes land.”


“ My blood pressure is now in the normal range!”

debbie TSD

“It was the same old roller coaster - lose a bit, gain some more, this was going on for some time… I had no energy … But THIS is different, the whole concept of a lifestyle change, the support and the accountability are the big things for me. The ultimate changes that benefit me and grandchildren - I can now play with my grand kids, go to the beach and YEAH I could actually wear a bathing suit and go in the water and swim with them!!!”


“This program has given me the confidence to try and be unapologetically myself.....and I'm getting better every day. I am so fucking proud of myself right now and in the past there is NO WAY I would have said that”


“Every day I am becoming fitter and stronger in my mind, body and soul”

louise before and after

“He helped me with an exercise plan combined with a nutritional plan and a big part of what Alex offers is the behavioral change.”


“The biggest health change is my resting heart rate which has come down from 72bpm to 59bpm.”

transformation photos 1 (1)

"I don't even feel like I've got Gill back from my twenties. I'm far better than I was in my twenties. I've got a new version of myself"

N.B Since this video was shot, Gill has done so well that she has now become a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Behaviour Change Coach, and currently specialises in helping women who are going through similar struggles as she did. We've even invited her to join the team, so that will be a familiar face for you

“I am so amazed at how my body shape has changed and the way in how I’m feeling so much stronger and wow how my mindset has changed.”

Tsitsi 2

“It’s been a year and 2 months since I joined. I have kept up with my eating plan (set by me using your cookbooks) mostly. I have kept the weight off with some weight training and I am happy to say I am running again. I have no words for how sustainable your program is.”


“I have found ways to see me as important and that I deserve to be invested in, creating myself some time, activities and things just for me.”


"I lost over 5 stone and My IBS symptoms were gone within two weeks. My blood pressure has gone from high to now, a normal level and my eating habits have completely changed"


“You wouldn’t have so many positive reviews, the community on Facebook, a team of such magnitude if it was all just a scam”

laura 1 before and after

“I've done it! I am over the moon with the results. 8.1kg down in total and I've lost 37.8cm all over. Not to mention how amazing I feel physically and mentally! “

barbara before and after

“Before working with Alex I had tried all the fad diet and I was just starving all the time. It just wasn't sustainable in any form. But that’s all changed now.”

debra before and after

“Tried different fad diets but all failed because they’re not sustainable. But with Alex I've even managed to lose weight when I've been away for weekends“

How to Become The Next Success Story

Courage and honesty...that's it. The courage to reach out to me and book in your weight loss audit, I'm not a scary guy I promise, but I am very passionate and I invest all of my focus and energy into you. I don't settle for average, I want you to have it all...healthy blood pressure and healthy cholesterol, A low resting heart rate, a healthy BMI, body confidence and self-esteem, energy to do the things you enjoy with the people you love. Freedom to wear what you want. You deserve it all.

Honesty to tell me if you're struggling, I will be checking up on you all the time, I'll be here to give you that push but I will never overwhelm you. But I do need you to be honest, every aspect of the programme is adaptable. Nothing is set in stone. So if you're honest with me we can achieve truly anything. I'm here to bet on you but most importantly, I'm here to teach you how to bet on yourself.

Book a call with me and let's not put this off any longer.

Finding the Confidence You Need to Succeed

  • Does Alex really know what he’s doing?
  • Are the promises too good to be true?
  • Could this work for me?

These are just some of the questions you might be asking yourself right now, and who could blame you? Fitness goals often seem impossible to obtain. The kind of achievement reserved only for Hollywood actors with millions in the bank, all the time in the world to train, and technology nobody else has access to. But this is all wrong. Anyone with the determination and dedication to their health and fitness goals has the potential to realise them. I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams.

If you’re worried The Sport Dietitian isn’t for you, the client celebrations on this page can give you the confidence you need to take that next step!

After all the years you've been trying, let's lose this weight sustainably. What would you do with all of that head space if you never had to think about your weight every day?

Who else would benefit?

Click the button and take the first step, put yourself first for a change.

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