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Alex Neilan, Top Sports Dietitian

It’s highly likely that the reason you’re here is because you’re worried about your health, the quality of your future or you’re not happy with how you look and feel in your body. The reason you’re stuck is often due to a lack of clarity as to what actually works, or the presence of emotional eating. Emotional eating is when we turn to food when we’re tired, bored, upset or stressed. Attempting to fix this with a “new diet” or willpower is like putting a plaster on a bullet wound. It covers up the issue temporarily, but it doesn’t get to the route of the problem.

While a tailored meal plan is important to give you a sustainable structure to follow, what you actually need is Advanced Behaviour Change Training. This gives you a toolkit to eradicate these eating behaviours in a way that doesn’t involve deprivation or sufferance. Making the right decisions becomes habitual; it happens subconsciously. Apply these skills with a flexible structure, alongside tailored support, and your energy levels will start to sky rocket. And this motivates you to stay consistent. It’s this consistency that makes our results truly SUSTAINABLE.

If you’re tired of putting things off, click the button below to book a free weight loss audit to figure out exactly why what you’ve previously tried hasn’t worked longterm. This way, we can properly diagnose whether or not we can actually help you or at the very least we can point you in the right direction. It’s time to reprogramme your behaviours, it’s time to make weight loss truly sustainable.

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MSc, PgDIP, PgDIP, BSc (Hons)

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